Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Open Streak Sammie $22.50

Cajun spiced steak with house made garlic toast, onion jam, salad, onion rings, fried egg and a side of fries.

Falafel Salad $18.00 (GF) (DF) (Vegan)

Falafel served on roast veges and green salad with a mint yoghurt dressing.

Pulled Pork Wrap $19.00

Pulled pork in a tangy hot sauce and salad wrap. Served with fries and aioli.

Thai Beef Salad $18.50

Strips of beef marinated in a Thai dressing. Served in a poppadum with salad, mung beans and sesame seeds.

Chilli Cheddar Bread $7.50 (GF)

Three pieces of MG bread topped with cheddar cheese and sweet chilli sauce.

Toasted Sandwich $9.50

Made with house MG bread:

  • Tomato, onion, pesto and cheddar
  • Chicken, brie and cranberry
  • Ham, cheese and tomato

*** Add a side of fries and salad $12.50

Deep Fried Platter $17.00

A selection of prawn twisters, mini samosa, mini spring rolls and chicken dumplings. Served with sweey soy and sweet chilli sauce.

Chicken Caesar Salad 18.00

Smoked chicken pieces served on a bed of lettuce, bacon and croutons. Topped with Caesar dressing and a poached egg.

Crispy Chicken Burger $19.50

Crispy chicken pattie, served on a bread bun roll with crunchy slaw, tomato salsa and aioli. Served with fries.
  • (GF) Gluten Free
  • (DF) Dairy Free
  • (MG) House made Mothered Goose bread