Eggs on Toast $12.00

Your choice of scrambled, poached or fried eggs, served on house made white toast   gfo

Omelette $18.00

Your choice of 2 fillings: cheese / onion / ham / tomato /  mushroom.  Served with a side of salad   gf

Eggs Bennie

Poached eggs served on house made toast with hollandaise sauce and with your choice of.

  • Bacon $17.50   gfo
  • Spinach and Mushroom $17.50   gfo
  • House Smoked Salmon $19.50   gfo

Mothered Goose Big Breakfast $23.50

Two fried eggs, bacon, kransky sausage, sauteed garlic butter mushrooms, potato and herb rosti, house made onion relish and house made garlic toast   gfo


 Three pancakes served with your choice of:

  • Berry compote and plain yoghurt $12.00
  • Bacon, fried banana and maple syrup $14.00

Muesli $13.00

Toasted fruit and nut muesli with coconut and jumbo rolled oats served with house made berry compote and plain yoghurt.

Toast and Toppings $7.00

Two slices of house made toast with with butter and two toppings of your choice.   gfo
Topping options are jams, peanut butter, marmite, pesto & cream cheese.
Extra toppings are $0.50c each.

Pumpkin, Corn and Feta Fritters $19

Fritters served with bacon, salad, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Chicken Caesar Salad $19

Chicken pieces served on a bed of lettuce, bacon & croutons. Topped with caesar dressing & a poached egg   gfo

Pulled Pork Wrap $23

Pulled pork in tangy hot sauce and salad wrap. Served with a side of fries

BBQ Beef Bacon Cheese Burger $17.50

Served with a side of fries   gfo

BBQ Chicken and Bacon Cheese Burger $17.50

Served with a side of fries 

Toasted Sandwich $9.50

Made with our house made white bread with your choice of   gfo:

  • Pesto, onion, tomato and cheese   vo
  • Chicken, cranberry and brie
  • Ham, tomato and cheese

* With fries and salad $12.50

Wedges with Cheese and Bacon $12.50

Served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Add Ons

Gluten free toast $2.50
House made garlic toast $2.50
House made white toast $2
Mushrooms 4.50
Spinach $4.50
Kransky sausage $4
Side salad $4.50
Small fries $5
Large fries $9
Potato and herb rosti $3.50
Bacon $5
Egg $2
Tomato $4
Salmon $7

gf – gluten free   gfo – gluten free option   vo – vegan option

* Gluten free / vegan surcharge: $2 

Kids Menu

Mini Hot Dogs $7.50

Cheerios $6.50

Chicken Nuggets $7.50

Fish and Chips $7.50

Kids Toastie $5.00
– With a choice of two fillings: Ham, Chicken Cheese, Tomato, Pineapple, Onion